Advertiser Agreement Terms & Conditions

Updated 18th December 2020


An agreement will be required between Paper Tiger Publications Ltd and the advertiser in order to form the basis on which publications your advertisement will appear.

  1. The agreement set out in the signed agreement incorporating these terms and conditions represents the entire agreement between the advertiser and the publisher and the advertiser acknowledges that it is not entering into the agreement in reliance upon any representation or warranty not contained in these terms and conditions.
  2. The advertiser does not have sole or monopoly rights in respect of items being advertised in the publications and accept that the adverts of competitors providing the same services or items may be included in the publications, unless specifically indicated in the “Special Conditions” section in the signed agreement.
  3. No alteration or variation in these terms and conditions shall be valid unless the same have been confirmed in writing by the publisher, or included in the “Special Conditions” section in the signed agreement.
  4. The position of the advert within the publication is subject to availability and therefore does not form part of the agreement unless specifically indicated in the “Special Conditions” section in the signed agreement.
  5. No warranty is given to the advertiser as to the extent of the distribution of the publications by the relevant client. Publication date is not guaranteed however printing and delivery is usually within 12 weeks of the agreement.
  6. The design of the copy will be undertaken by the publisher, if required by the advertiser, and a proof will be produced for the advertisers approval in writing before printing. The advertiser is responsible for providing the necessary copy and instructions for the production of its advertisement to the publisher within two weeks of the date of the agreement. The publisher has the right to create, amend or decline any advertisement and all copy is subject to approval by the publisher. The copyright on any advert created by the publisher remains with the publisher unless an agreement is sought with the publisher.
  7. Advert sizes in publications may vary slightly proportionally due to the bespoke nature of the magazines and booklets.
  8. The advertiser hereby grants to the publisher a royalty free licence of its intellectual proprietary rights, as supplied by the advertiser for the purpose of incorporation of such material into the publication.
  9. The advertiser will indemnify the publisher in respect of all costs claims damages expenses or demands falling upon the publisher as a result of legal action or threatened legal action, brought against the publisher arising from the publication of any advertisement prepared by or for the advertiser including but not limited to breach of copyright, trade mark or registered design, passing off, defamation or breach of statutory provisions (including the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 and the Advertising Codes of Practice).
  10. If any instalment of the agreed rate is not paid on the due date the entire outstanding balance shall become due. Interest is chargeable on outstanding balances at the rate of 2% above Bank base rates from time to time.
  11. The advertiser shall remain liable for all payments due under the agreement notwithstanding the cessation or transfer or fundamental change in the nature of the business carried on by the advertiser.
  12. The publisher shall have the right to terminate the agreement prior to the publication being delivered to the client by giving seven days notice in writing to the advertiser and on the expiration of such notice any payments made by the advertiser to the publisher shall be refunded.